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Find and book hot desks or meeting rooms in more than 50 locations in Hong Kong. They are perfect for start-ups, SMEs, freelancers to secure a place to work in different styles and budget. Depending on your needs today, you can find a formal business center in Grade-A commercial buildings at the heart of the city, or a lounge style coworking space where you can meet new friends.No membership required, flexible usage of any coworking spaces or business centers that suits your needs.

Work in style anytime, anywhere with WOOM's online booking platform

Founded in 2018, WOOM proudly provides easy access to several hot desk and coworking spaces across Hong Kong. No matter where you are, just pull up the WOOM app on your phone and start looking for a suitable place to work in.

Our hot desking solution in our Central and Wan Chai locations provide you with a ready-to-use co-working space when you need it. Perfect for freelancers, startups, or those who are permanently in transit, WOOM offers reliable coworking spaces such as hot desks and shared offices with better flexibility and bespoke solutions free of any service charge. Adaptable and flexible, our convenient online booking platform will make it feel like any hot desk office space is just a step away. Simply drop-in, plug-in, set up your workspace, and start working on what really matters.

Here at WOOM, we believe that there is an abundance of underutilized office spaces in a time where the coworking space is getting increasingly saturated. And we are here to change that. With the goal of encouraging people to innovate their work habits, WOOM is bringing you the option of saving costs while enjoying a comfortable working space.

Between the rise of remote work, open office plans, and shared coworking spaces, hot desking is quickly becoming the norm of modern working life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hot desking?

Hot desking is a modern office space works system in which desks are shared and used by different people at different times. The aim of hot desking is to maximize space, and the flexibility linked to hot desking is often associated with an increase in more efficient workflow, increased productivity, and innovation. Hot desking is also a great way to encourage collaboration and networking.

What are the benefits of working at a hot desk?

While we are big proponents of coworking spaces, we also understand that there is not a one size fits all solution for every modern working professional. The benefits of choosing to work at a hot desk really depend on your work style. For freelancers, consultants, and even start-up companies, hot-desking is a cost-effective and flexible solution compared to a traditional office space. It even helps eliminate the loneliness of working from home and gives you the chance to network with like-minded professionals.

How does hot desking work?

It's as simple as 1,2,3. Find a desk, plug-in, and set up your workspace, and start working. However, depending on the shared office space, the environment you are hot desking in may vary depending on the coworking space you are at.