WE Hotel


11 Eastern Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong


WE HOTEL, a name arrived from the combination of the words "WEST" and "EAST" which represents a mixture of the mordern western culture and the traditional eastern heritage. It resembles the development of the "Sai Ying Pun" district on Hong Kong island where we locate. Sai Ying Pun is an up and coming area which is only 15 minutes away from Central business district. More and more western lifestyle outlets blend in harmonically with the traditional Chinese retail outlets which have been around since mid 90s.This is truly a "WE" area where "West" is meeting "East" ! WE HOTEL has 48 guest rooms with great open views of the busy city of Hong Kong and glimpse of Victoria harbour at our upper rooms/suites. With just two rooms on each floor, visitors can enjoy a highly private and cozy environment with comprehensive amenities.

Offer Capacity Price
Run of House 7 hours special (6AM - 1PM) 2 HKD $400 Day Pass Enquiry
Run of House 5 hours special (10AM - 3PM) 2 HKD $400 Day Pass Enquiry
Run of House 3 hours special (1PM - 4PM) 2 HKD $300 Day Pass Enquiry
Run of House 6 hours special (4PM - 10PM) 2 HKD $500 Day Pass Enquiry